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The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale, Chapter 3, SOLUTIONS

solutions-and-answer-hunger-business-managementThis demand for any solution “right now,” regardless of workability, comes about from what L. Ron Hubbard identified as ‘Answer Hunger’:

“An unfinished cycle of communication generates what might be called ‘answer hunger.’  When an individual has, for a very long period of time, consistently waited for answers which did not arrive–any sort of answer, from anywhere, will be pulled in to him, by him, as an effort to remedy his scarcity for answers.”1

In fact, Mr. Hubbard isolated this ‘answer hunger’ phenomenon as the cause of rumor, in The Law of the Omitted Data:



1 HUBBARD, “Communication”, chapter of Dianetics 55, page 107.

2  HUBBARD, “How to Handle Black Propaganda”, Policy Letter of 21 November 1972, Public Relations Series 18, Organization Executive Course.


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Common Question: What is the Difference Between a Goal and a Purpose?

difference-between-purpose-and-goal-arte-maren-natural-laws-of-managementLook at it this way: The road is Purpose, leading towards a Goal.

As L. Ron Hubbard points out, a Goal is “the prime intention”, and a Purpose is “The survival route chosen by an individual, a species, or a unit of matter or energy in the accomplishment of its goal.”

Purpose is how you have chosen to accomplish the goal.  The goal is the ultimate destination, with the purpose being the road you have taken to accomplish the arrival.

For instance, some have the goal of “Improving the health of people so that they experience a better quality of life”, and there are many methods and “roads” to accomplish this: Nutritionist, Chiropractor, Counselor, etc.

When determining a purpose or goal with a client, I will often ask, ”So if that is accomplished or done, what do you then have?” If I can go no further without getting into the ludicrous or way far out, I know that I have a goal in hand.

If you take the above as an example, a step up from “Improving the health of people so that they experience a higher or better quality of life”, would lead us to nowhere. But, if the goal had been stated as “Providing effective nutrition data to clients”, it would easily yield to the next step up: ”Better quality of life”.

This, therefore, indicates that “Providing effective nutrition data to clients” is not a goal, but a purpose, leading to a higher purpose, so to speak.

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A Message from Patrick Valtin, International Speaker and Trainer

patrick-valtin-international-speaker-arte-maren-natural-laws-of-managementThe Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale by Arte Maren is an invaluable concentration of his experience and his expertise in the Hubbard management technology. It is also a great attestation of his unique ability to convey information in a way that you can immediately apply—and see the results faster than you can breathe! I have known Arte for over 15 years and I will attest that his great communication skills and his technical expertise make him one of my favorite speakers.
“Thank you Arte for this unique piece of art in the field of practical management.”


Patrick V. Valtin, International speaker, trainer, entrepreneur and author of New Era Selling: How to Win Bigger Sales in Saturated, Overly Competitive Markets


A Note from Joy Gendusa, Award-Winning Marketing Executive



“This book is phenomenal!  I hate to brag…but I have such a wonderful life and it is ALIGNED!  And the data in your book IS the data I applied to have the great life I have–in my business, my marriage, as a parent and just as me–having time to do what I enjoy.  I know this is rough for folks–juggling all the different aspects of life and making it all work, so I hope a ton of people buy, read and apply what you have written in The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale.”

Joy Gendusa, Founder/CEO, Postcardmania




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What Are “Natural Laws”?


“The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale”

Chapter 2 “NATURAL LAW” – Page 9

“Basic administrative truths exist. We could call such truths ‘natural laws’. If one knows the laws, one has an advantage. The ancient samurai warrior believed that by knowing one thing, you could know many things. The one thing to know is the law.

“If you find that there is a non-optimum business or life situation, then there must be a violation of some law. So what do you do? You look up the law, you review the law and then you apply the correct solution and handle the situation, standardly.

L. Ron Hubbard, “Your Post and Life”, Policy Letter of 30 January 1983, Organization Executive Course


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