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The 3 Miracles of Business – In 1 Minute! by Arte Maren

Following are the three Miracles of Business…all in one minute!

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-Arte Maren
International Speaker, Writer and Business Consultant
Author of The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale


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Chapter 21 Excerpt: Fixed Conditions vs. Expansion


Some individuals or companies consistently have a flat graph— that is to say, stats that go level across the graph. There are lots of “reasons” usually given as to why it’s flat, but they are merely explanations as to why the statistic is down. This applies to any statistic that is down, on a downtrend, or even flat. On Earth, any activity either expands or contracts—it never stays the same.

“It is an empirical (observed and proven by observation) fact that nothing remains exactly the same forever. This condition is foreign to this universe. Things grow or they lessen. They cannot apparently maintain the same equilibrium or stability.


“Thus things either expand or they contract. They do not remain level in this universe. Further when something seeks to remain level and unchanged it contracts.

“Thus we have three actions and only three. First is expansion, second is the effort to remain level or unchanged and third is contraction or lessening.”

Given these three actions, the choice is clear: “To survive, then, one must expand as the only safe condition of operation.”1


What do you do with a flat graph? Make it go up! “I’m not going to accept this anymore.” A good first step.

“Organizations are not well run by the old school tie2, what professor one knew in the Ivy League University or who is shacked up with whom. Organizations run by other considerations than stats hurt the individual staff members. Organizations are well run when they are run by fairly and realistically designed stats for every staff member, division and the organization.”3

Remember, you are keeping stats for expansion. That is the name of the game.


-Arte Maren

Professional Speaker, Writer and Business Consultant
Author of  The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale


 1 Hubbard, “Expansion, Theory Of Policy,” Policy Letter of 4 December 1966, Organization Executive Course.
2 Old school tie: “The expression old school tie has essentially the same meaning as the business association interpretation of old boy network. This expression derives from school ties indicating that the wearer is an old boy of a particular school.” Wikipedia.com.
3 Hubbard, “Statistics, Management By,” Policy Letter of 5 February 1970, Organization Executive Course. Fixed Conditions vs. Expansion


Do You Have Your Admin Scale?

“CONTINUED EXPANSION” – An Article by Business Consultant, Arte Maren

teamwork-excited-image_It always seemed odd to me that when things were not going well or if the stats were going down, everyone wanted to know why; management demanded a reason. But if the stats improved, then what? Nary a word. “Nope, don’t want to know. Leave it alone.” Now, that really is management by karma! It is even more important to know why something is working well, so that it can be reinforced. What was the cause and what can we do to keep it going?


By reinforcing what caused the Affluence each time, you keep boosting it up to a new higher point until eventually it peaks at what is truly a stellar range. Now you have a new scene.7

A VFP (Valuable Final Product) is defined as: Something that can be exchanged with other activities in return for support. The support usually adds up to food, clothing, shelter, money, tolerance and cooperation (goodwill).6upward-statistic-image

In summary, he also lists the causes of organizational failure and the relationship of these causes to VFPs:

Studying back and forth over history, poking about in old ruins, remembering, adding it up, the apparent causes of organizational decay are:

(a) Failure to have an informed, trained top management capable of setting real policy in accordance with the need of the organization.

(b) Failure of top management to set policy.

(c) Company members, supervisors and workers setting their own policy out of agreement with or in ignorance of the needs of the organization and themselves.

(d) Failure of top management to wisely, completely and precisely establish the valuable final products of the activity.

(e) Ignorance of or disagreement with the valuable final products by workers and company members.

In a much more general sense we would have:

A. Unwise or unset policy.

B. Unreal or unstated or undone valuable final products…

The valuable final product list does not come wholly from top management.

The list does not come only from the group.

Major social and business catastrophes occur when (a) no list is set (b) top management only sets the list or (c) the group sets the list up.8

-Arte Maren
Professional Speaker, Writer and Business Consultant
Author of The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale


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Do You Have Your Admin Scale?