business-plan-arte-maren-natural-laws-of-management-admin-scaleHow quickly you are going to get from your existing scene to your ideal scene will depend upon this section of the Admin Scale covering PLANS, PROGRAMS, PROJECTS, and ORDERS. All of these points fall under the heading of PLANNING.

Mr. Hubbard defines plans as:

The general bright idea one has to get things up to the ideal scene or improve even that.1

He further defines the other key points of planning as:

The program is the big solution to a problem—the big problem is solved by a big solution called a program. The little problems inside that big solution are solved by projects. And inside the projects the littler problems are solved by orders.2

Raising statistics and producing more valuable final products is done by planning, and planning takes confront3, a prerequisite to successful planning (and doing!).


Confronting this subject of planning or programming is really a subject of gradients.4 Just about anything can be confronted if it is broken down into gradients.

The source of most failures…Either too shallow or too steep [a gradient].5business-gradients-planning-arte-maren-natural-laws-of-management-admin-scale

An order such as “You must renovate a hotel this week. Please have it done by next Wednesday” would be overwhelming. It is also probably not going to get done. If you run your operation on orders alone. Without a plan, program or project, you will not have a very smooth and expanding operation. Lots of those “undone orders” probably didn’t get done because they were not confrontable as one single item or command.

An order might be in the category of “Pick up that chair.” “Shut off the light.” “Go downstairs.” These are orders.

And where do orders come from? Orders are derived from projects. Not just from some arbitrary idea.

Projects come out of programs. A program is broader than a project. Where did the program come from? It came from a plan. Thus, these are gradient steps to accomplish the ideal scene.

-Arte Maren
Professional Speaker, Writer and Business Consultant
Author of The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale


1 “Plan” (definition), Hubbard, Modern Management Technology Defined,
from Policy Letter of 29 Feb. 1972, Issue II, Management Series.

2 “Project” (definition), Hubbard, Modern Management Technology Defined.

3 Confront: “direct observation.” Hubbard, Modern Management Technology Defined.

4 Gradient Scale: “[A] gradual increasing degree of something.
A non-gradient scale would be telling someone to enter a skyscraper
by a 32nd-story window.” Hubbard, Modern Management Technology Defined

5 Hubbard, “Gradients and ARC,” 1 September 1966, Saint Hill Special
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