Resources have a lot to do with how soon you are going to achieve your goals and with how much effort.

What are your resources? You’ve got a certain level of knowledge, X amount of money in the bank, Y number of employees, Z amount of time, etc. You might have a fantastic project lined up but the staff you have right now are too tied up and are not going to get it done. So what is the solution? You could drop the project until later or hire other people. All these points go into planning.

Before one begins the PLANNING and TARGETING, the resources one has must be considered.

How quickly you move from your existing scene to your IDEAL SCENE will depend upon the bright utilization of resources.

“Handling must be WITHIN THE CAPABILITIES of those who will do the actions.


“Handling quite often but not always requires a BRIGHT IDEA. It is peculiarly true that the less the resources available the brighter the idea required to attain effective handling.”1


If you wanted to go to China, and had plenty of money, no problem. Just buy the ticket. But suppose one did not have the money, suppose one had little money at all and still wanted to go to China? One would have to get pretty bright! “Who do I know? Does anyone that I know also know some people from China, or who know people in China? I’ll make a list of all of the possible resources I have that might help me get to China. And on the list of resources is my ability to speak English! Also on the list was my close association with the owner of the Chinese laundry down the block. What if I speak to him about teaching the rest of his family English? They are still in China and he wants to bring them over next year. In exchange, he will provide a ticket and my room and board in China for the next year.” And what do you know? Goodbye Toledo, hello Hong Kong!

Planning always considers resources first.

 Every now and then I’m challenged about how planning things so “specifically” seems to take the “fun” out of life. But simply because one plans, does not mean there will be no further surprises. To think so would be folly and an underestimation of the unpredictable adventures on planet Earth. If I am going to Hawaii, I don’t want my luggage sent to Japan. What I can control, I wish to control. Life still offers up lots of surprises to keep it interesting.


-Arte Maren
Professional Speaker, Writer and Business Consultant
Author of The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale

1 Hubbard, “Proper Format and Correct Action” 
Policy Letter of 17 February 1972, Management Series

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