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Business Planning: Always Consider Resources First – Business Tip from Arte Maren

PLANNING always considers resources first.

business-planning-maxims-arte-maren-the-natural-laws-of-management-admin-scaleEvery now and then I’m challenged about how planning things so “specifically” seems to take the “fun” out of life. But simply because one plans, does not mean there will be no further surprises. To think so would be folly and an underestimation of the unpredictable adventures on planet Earth. If I am going to Hawaii, I don’t want my luggage sent to Japan. What I can control, I wish to control. Life still offers up lots of surprises to keep it interesting.


There are some basic principles or maxims(1) concerning PROGRAMMING.

“These are some of the principles about programs… If you don’t know these facts of life, here they are:

“MAXIM ONE: Any idea no matter if badly executed is better than no idea at all.

“MAXIM TWO: A program to be effective must be executed.

“MAXIM THREE: A program put into action requires guidance.

“MAXIM FOUR: A program running without guidance will fail and is better left undone. If you haven’t got the time to guide it, don’t do it; put more steam behind existing programs because it will flop.

“MAXIM FIVE: Any program requires some finance. Get the finance into sight before you start  to fire, or have a solid guarantee that the program will produce finance before you execute it.

“MAXIM SIX: A program requires attention from somebody. An untended program that is everybody’s child will become a juvenile delinquent.

“MAXIM SEVEN: The best program is the one that will reach the greatest number and will do the greatest good on the greatest number. . . .

“MAXIM EIGHT: Programs must support themselves financially.

“MAXIM NINE: Programs must ACCUMULATE interest and bring  in other  assistance by the virtue  of the program interest alone or they will never grow.

“MAXIM TEN: A program is a bad program if it detracts  from programs which are already  proving successful or distracts staff people or associates from work they are already  doing that is adding up to successful execution of other programs.”2

It is important to review your plans against these points.


While you want to provide for a challenge in your planning, the steps shouldn’t be overwhelming. They shouldn’t be underwhelming either. A program with forty-three steps may just be too tedious, whereas one with three steps is too brief. And remember that gradients are the key.

“You can even raise an organization by gradients so as not to overwhelm it. Set and make small targets. Then bigger and bigger ones.

“Well, you get the idea.

“It’s the organization’s road to causativeness.”3

Review your company activity (or aspects of your life) and look at your existing scene/ideal scene section to determine the overall objective that you are trying to achieve in your position with your company or in life. That is the PLAN MAJOR TARGET.

Give it a PLAN NAME and then list out the broad PLAN steps that will be necessary to achieve it. The completed date is marked as a blank on the right side. List who is assigned the target for execution.

-Arte Maren
International Speaker, Writer and Business Consultant
Above excerpt from the book:  The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale


1 Maxim: “statement of a general truth.” The World Book Dictionary.
2, 3  L. Ron Hubbard, “Programming,” Policy Letter of 23 October 1969, Organization Executive Course.

Quoted excerpts above by L. Ron Hubbard. Grateful acknowledgment is made to L..Ron Hubbard Library for permission to reproduce selections from the copyrighted works of L. Ron Hubbard. Copyright © 2014 Arte Maren, Inc. All Rights Reserved


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Thorsten von Overgaard, Danish Photographer and Writer on “The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale”

“So the Admin Scale is important. And I read Arte’s book and when I started out as a photographer—and what I recommend people do is—usually they have some talents and that’s usually defined as the things that you do very easily and people go ‘Wow!’.

“So the question is how can you do the things that you really love to do and you’re really good at; that are valuable to all? How can you turn that into what you do full time and what you make a living from? And that’s basically what you use an Admin Scale for, because we have to have a lot of different elements fall in place. And they have to fall in place as you develop your talent and develop as a person.”

Thorsten von Overgaard is a Danish writer and photographer, specializing in portrait photography and documentary photography, known for writings about photography and as an educator. Some photos are available as signed editions via galleries or online. For specific photography needs, contact Thorsten Overgaard via e-mail. Feel free to e-mail tothorsten@overgaard.dk for advice, ideas or improvements.


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Chapter 21 Excerpt: Fixed Conditions vs. Expansion


Some individuals or companies consistently have a flat graph— that is to say, stats that go level across the graph. There are lots of “reasons” usually given as to why it’s flat, but they are merely explanations as to why the statistic is down. This applies to any statistic that is down, on a downtrend, or even flat. On Earth, any activity either expands or contracts—it never stays the same.

“It is an empirical (observed and proven by observation) fact that nothing remains exactly the same forever. This condition is foreign to this universe. Things grow or they lessen. They cannot apparently maintain the same equilibrium or stability.


“Thus things either expand or they contract. They do not remain level in this universe. Further when something seeks to remain level and unchanged it contracts.

“Thus we have three actions and only three. First is expansion, second is the effort to remain level or unchanged and third is contraction or lessening.”

Given these three actions, the choice is clear: “To survive, then, one must expand as the only safe condition of operation.”1


What do you do with a flat graph? Make it go up! “I’m not going to accept this anymore.” A good first step.

“Organizations are not well run by the old school tie2, what professor one knew in the Ivy League University or who is shacked up with whom. Organizations run by other considerations than stats hurt the individual staff members. Organizations are well run when they are run by fairly and realistically designed stats for every staff member, division and the organization.”3

Remember, you are keeping stats for expansion. That is the name of the game.


-Arte Maren

Professional Speaker, Writer and Business Consultant
Author of  The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale


 1 Hubbard, “Expansion, Theory Of Policy,” Policy Letter of 4 December 1966, Organization Executive Course.
2 Old school tie: “The expression old school tie has essentially the same meaning as the business association interpretation of old boy network. This expression derives from school ties indicating that the wearer is an old boy of a particular school.” Wikipedia.com.
3 Hubbard, “Statistics, Management By,” Policy Letter of 5 February 1970, Organization Executive Course. Fixed Conditions vs. Expansion


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“Statistics – Weekly Review of Production” with Arte Maren (Management by Statistics, Part 3 of 8)


Part 3 in the “Management by Statistics” video series for business owners and executives by veteran business consultant Arte Maren.


-Arte Maren
Professional Speaker, Writer and Business Consultant
Author of The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale


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“Statistics – When Do You End Your Week?” with Arte Maren (Management by Statistics, Part 2 of 8)

Part 2 in the “Management by Statistics” video series for business owners and executives by veteran business consultant Arte Maren.



-Arte Maren
Professional Speaker, Writer and Business Consultant
Author of The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale


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Goals Are a Luxury Earned Through Production


“While goals are vital, it is so much harder (and less efficient) to judge effectiveness by a person’s verbalized or even written goals than by what that person actually produces.  One doesn’t often hear, “Boy, he sure can turn out a good goal.”  In fact, too often goals are used as a substitute or excuse for production.  Something has to come out the end of the conveyor belt of production and it shouldn’t be good intentions alone.

“Successful people do have very pro-survival goals and purposes.  You can see the products of such people around you.  But if good intentions actually exist, then they should manifest as valuable final products.”


The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale


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