business-policy-arte-maren-natural-laws-of-management-admin-scaleThe guiding principles of an operation are assigned the status of policy. If policy is lacking, then you can see that a key element of your Admin Scale is missing.

Policy has to be issued, it has to be clear and it has to be enforced. If policy is not in writing, it needs to be put in writing, and it needs to be made known to all concerned.

There are additional key definitions of policy, which distinguish it from all other company guidelines.

Policy as a word has many definitions in current dictionaries amongst which only one is partially correct: “a definite course or method of action to guide and determine future decisions.” It is also “prudence or wisdom,” “a course of action,” and a lot of other things, according to the dictionary. It even is said to be laid down at the top. Therefore the word has so many other meanings that the language itself has become confused. Yet, regardless of dictionary fog, the word means an exact thing in the specialized field of management and organization. Policy means the principle evolved and issued by top management for a specific activity to guide planning and programming and authorize the issuance of projects by executives which in turn permit the issuance and enforcement of orders that direct the activity of personnel in achieving production and viability. Policy is therefore a principle by which the conduct of affairs can be guided.

A policy is the law on which orders are authorized and originated.

All policies actually derive in greater or lesser degree from group experience which more or less adds up to group agreement and policies which tend to stay along are actually formed with group agreement and are therefore not outside the perimeter of the group.

Policy is the broad general outline originated by top management. Orders are the instructions issued by the next lower level of management to get things done that result in products.implementation-of-policy-arte-maren-natural-laws-of-management-admin-scale

Policy is a growing thing, based on “what has worked.” What works well today becomes tomorrow’s policy.

The sense in which we use policy is the rules and administrative formulas by which we agree on action and conduct our affairs.

A method of bringing about agreement and communication along certain matters which lead to a higher level of survival. They lead to a higher level of survival if they are good policies, they lead to a lower level of survival if they are poor policies and they lead to complete disaster if they are bad policies.

Policy came from years and years of experience. It’s the know-how of handling organizations and groups.3


-Arte Maren

Professional Speaker, Writer and Business Consultant
Author of The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale
and his NEW 4-CD The Natural Laws of Management Audiobook Seminar


3 "Policy" (definition), Hubbard, Modern Management Technology Defined.

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