It does not matter what you call it—management is defined by its workability!  The Natural Laws of Management delves into the infinite number of errors made by managers unfamiliar with “the natural laws’ and more importantly, the most workable of “laws” easily understood and implemented.

“In the past 25 years, I have observed many a “management system.”  You may be familiar with the work of Peter Drucker–“Management by Objectives”.  I ran across a company that practices what I would call management by hope. “Are we going to have a better quarter?  Dunno, I hope so!”  “Will we get the order? Gee, I hope so!” And then there is what I call management by consequence.  Employees do things for fear of what happens if they do not.  Now that is a stress environment!


Indeed, L. Ron Hubbard equates such an environment with “being serious”, the enemy of creativity and motivation.  In fact, he defines serious as “when interest is important because of penalty.”  Of course, as business is a game, it should be fun and treated as a game, as “play with a purpose.”  Indeed, Hubbard warns: “The more serious you take the game, the less chance there is of winning.”

Excerpt from The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale,  Chapter 10, Page 50, Chapter on Certainty.


Do You Have Your Admin Scale?