doubt_diceDoubting just makes it easier to fail. It’s more comfortable and gives you something to lean on. The fact is, you can make it go right if you have enough courage!

All too often we wait for the external environment to change before we change: “after the fall (or winter, or summer, or the holidays)”—“when the kids are in (or out of) school”—“next weekend.” Waiting is simply another form of failure—of lack of courage. Waiting is the effect of things.

Suppose you didn’t have failure as an option? Supposing you just removed failure from your whole conceptual “kit bag.” It doesn’t exist. That only leaves making it go right all the time. It takes courage to be successful.

And, if you agree and decide that failure is not possible, and then fail, do you now feel bad and invalidate yourself? Do you decide that it is a concept only for others? No! Acknowledge it. Know that you had something incorrect. Fix it, and then make it go right. If it didn’t go right, you don’t then conclude that there must be something wrong with your ability to postulate. That would be invalidation.

It’s simple. Maybe that is why it is so hard to grasp.problem-solving-arte-maren-natural-laws-of-managment-admin-scale

It is a question of being in harmony with the laws of the physical universe. Naming a product is a tool of management. You are senior to any tool. You are the person who’s going to make this thing work one way or the other. And that takes being unreasonable, which is a very professional viewpoint.

The next time you hear somebody making excuses, know that they have a social disease called failure. They caught it from someone else. Listen to others being reasonable. No more options. Catch yourself when you start coming up with your own little options. You get into the car and you’re late and you say to yourself, “I’m always late.” Well, you will certainly keep being late if that’s what you think!

-Arte Maren
International Speaker, Writer and Business Consultant
Above excerpt from the book:  The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale

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