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Sales Gold: Converting Want into Demand, Part II


It’s not what they say, it’s how they feel. A common sales error which leaves fails to escalate from want to demand is misinterpreting the reason given for the real reason for your product or service.

Prospect: “The equipment keeps breaking down; I need something dependable. Salesperson: “Oh, our product is very high quality and never needs repair.” This is “sales noise” and omits probing. What equipment does he have? (vital to know not only in the sales process but for competition intelligence also). Hmmmm…good brand…should not be breaking down. More probing needed. (I never take the first thing the prospect offers as the buying signal or real reason of the need until I dig in and get an emotional reaction: a smile, a realization, a comment that is not in the level of boredom).

“How complicated is it to run the equipment? ” I ask. “How well-trained are your technicians in the operating of the equipment?” “Oh”, he says, their product works great when it is working but like I said, it breaks down….but hey, wait…their training manual is very complicated and it is extremely complicated to operate the equipment too, now that I think of it.” Sales Gold response: “We spent years and a fortune on research and development to ensure that our product was simple to use and easy to train the operators. Let me show you what I mean…..etc. etc.”

Arte Rule: Don’t mistake a comment for the real reason. It is something you DISCOVER. New to you, and ideally new to the prospect.


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Sales Gold: Converting Want into Demand, Part I


If you discover a need (and surely you must), you have improved your chances for a sale. But the real Gold is having discovered a need that the client did not previously know he had—and that creates demand.

How is that done? By not falling short on probing. Biggest error: find a need, try to sell it. But is that really the greatest need? Often not.

Arte Rule: Find the REAL need and turn the want into Demand!


Do You Have Your Admin Scale?